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A message from Beth Kohm

Welcome to 2017.

There’s no introduction that can be written that will adequately capture the mass of emotions that are bringing us into the New Year, so we aren’t going to spend time discussing it.

But here’s what we, as PFLAGers, want to talk about right now: Power.

The power to change the course of history is in PFLAG’s DNA. PFLAG’s story literally starts with a woman who may have been nervous or even a bit scared, but let courage take over and stood in the middle of a New York City street – at a time that was decidedly not favorable to her message – and held a sign proclaiming her support for her gay son.

That is the PFLAG legacy: Overcoming fear and taking on the fight anyway, because we’ve got a mission to achieve.

And at this very moment, PFLAG members must carry on that legacy, stand strong and proud in the face of those who will roll back progress, take away rights, and deny the essential dignity of individuals. Because this is who we are as an organization, we have no choice but to fight.

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175 mayors launch new coalition against anti-LGBT discrimination

With a new administration coming to power that may not be favor to LGBT rights, a new coalition launched on Wednesday for mayors seeking to combat anti-LGBT discrimination.

The group, known as “Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination,” consists of 175 mayors from across the country and is billed as a broad-based non-partisan coalition of local official to advance.

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, a co-chair for Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination, said during the event the groups is needed because “people are sensing real basic injustice” against LGBT people and other groups.

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